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February 4th, 2010
10:47 am


music majors
there's nothing like a good music major to get your blood boiling. man are they obnoxious for the most part.

you see, i'm taking this world music class, which is designed for majors. had no clue when i signed up.

the class is kind of about world music...kind of. we basically sit around and spit this pseudo intellectual bullshit about how western  music has no soul or culture to it.

gamelan music is pretty cool, but i wouldn't say it's any better than anything else i've ever heard. however, just because it comes from a third world country, it's supposedly better than any jazz or classical masterpiece ever written. i can't stand white people sometimes. my own people indeed.

i failed to note in my last post that since i've been on LJ, i've worked for a division 1 football program every year i've been in college. the first year and a half was spent at Houston, and since then I've been at USC.

if there's one thing i can tell you, it's this, music majors are just as arrogant as athletes. in fact, they may even be worse. they just happen to do different things. but don't let that fool you.  

Beware the marching band and music education people! they're the worst! YAY MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND!

Peace Season,
The Artist Formally Remembered by you as Wilson

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February 1st, 2010
11:07 pm


do work
holy shit have i changed.

it's amazing what time will do to someone. i read some old posts of mine from 2005 and way before that. i'm not even the same person! but, i'm still the same. can you dig that?

i guess when you're older, your interests and priorities change. for me, they've changed a lot. but i must say, the things that i've liked and done in the past have changed and molded me. it's all about the journey, and not the destination.

lets see, what i'm doing right now.

it's the start of 2010. i no longer play my sax. jazz is beginning to fade from my life and it's sad.

i live in columbia, sc and attend the university of south carolina. livin the dream i always had in my head. weird...

not sure what i want to do with my life. the plan now is to go to law school. money is the motivation.

since the last time i made any significant posts, i've done and seen a lot of things. met a lot of people. i've really enjoyed life up until now. it's awesome!

girls man, girls. they come and go and i can't seem to hold onto any of them. i'm looking for something meaningful.

i can tell you this though, i'm seriously ready to become a man. yes, i'm 21 right now, no longer a teenager. but i'm not yet a man. i've been ready to get out and work since my second semester of my freshmen year. i want a girlfriend who i can have for years. the kind where its pretty much like you're married, but you're not. and i do NOT want to get married. I want to break away from my parents financially. i want to do my own thing.

religion is confusing me these days, and i'm not sure what to believe. i desperately want to be a christian man, but i'm just not buying into the system. i know i believe in a higher power, and i believe we're all here for a reason. i guess i could say i'm just not sure how to believe it. the problem is, i know how important religion is, no matter what form it comes in. christian, jewish, muslim whatever. i'm scared for my faith and i need to get it worked out.

i've gotten into the social drinking scene. not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

i'm a firm believer the world is coming to a legitimate end soon. things are brewing. people are becoming less human so it seems. i'd say within the next 50 years something way worse than 9/11 is going to happen, but this time shit will hit the fan. i've been reading and watching too much post-apocalyptic stuff recently.

with all this aside, i love life so much. i thank god everyday that i have a roof over my head, food on the table, my health and all that stuff. there's something so beautiful about being alive. i can't explain it, but these days, i can't wait to get up out of bed and live. even when i'm sick i love life. things are going so good right now i can't put the words down to explain it. i know that there is a plan and a reason for me being me. the only thing that's sad is that one day it's going to have to come to an end.

i hope to say that when that day comes, i'll be at peace with what i've done for myself, but more importantly others.

Love to you all.

peace season,
the artist formally remembered by you as wilson

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March 19th, 2009
08:53 am


There will soon be way too many people in this country, and the world. We're running out of space, and soon, mother nature will say she's had enough, or we will all tear ourselves apart. I'm just sayin.....

Peace Season,
The Artist Formally Known as Wilson

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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October 3rd, 2005
10:41 pm


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ill take it

Peace Season,
The Artist Formally Known as Wilson

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June 28th, 2005
08:15 pm


Sometimes you just gotta look at yourself and say, When in Rome.
Hey people, havn't updated in quite a while, so i figured there is no time like the present (badum cha?)
So ya, summer has been a smashing good time thus far. Started off with football summer league and then over this last weekend i went to Berklee College of Music to study some jazz stuff. Oh man, it may have been one of the best experiences in my life, the quality of the musicians was so incredible, ive actually considered going there for college, we will see. So today is tuesday and that means that im going to Greenville South Carolina for a little more than a week to visit my family, im real excited. Then on the 9th or 10th i go down to Houston to the fathers residence for about a month, which should rock my socks. Hopefully ill catch a few ball games while im there and such things. After i get back, im hitting up a latin jazz camp downtown, which should just about make me a happy camper. Then 2-A-Days start for football, a little school shopping, and then im really going to make an effort to crack at the books this year. So theres my summer pre summary, ill be sure to update as things go along. Peace People.

Peace Season,
The Artist Formally Known as Wilson

Current Mood: Chill
Current Music: Sandu-Clifford Brown

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June 8th, 2005
09:29 pm


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Peace Season,
The Artist Formally Known as Wilson

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May 1st, 2005
08:41 pm


The Update
Ya, so i got a job at lids in the mall, aka the hat store. its really chill, i dont do anything at all. baseball is going pretty good, im not sure if i really feel like playing anymore. music is kinda getting shoved away with all these other things goin on, even though i have a gig on thursday, i havnt practiced in like, a week and a half. oh well, i guess people have kinda forgotten about my lj, sinec its been so long since ive seen you guys last, most of you guys are probably like, fuck it. i saw the list of officers, and somethings i saw was like, wow, thats a bbbiiiggg mistake. hope it plays out well, after all, what do i know?hahaha, take it easy kids.

Peace Season,
The Artist Formally Known as Wilson

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April 23rd, 2005
11:26 pm



Peace Season,
The Artist Formally Known as Wilson

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April 15th, 2005
10:49 am


Wizzle Wiz
So ya, today is friday, and that can mean only one thing.


but wait...theres more,


oh snap, i cant wait, this is gonna be awesome. I got wheels and a lot of free time.

tommorrow my small jazz combo might have a really big gig, thats gonna be sweet. have fun at school.

Peace Season,
The Artist Formally Known as Wilson

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April 13th, 2005
10:42 am


Ok Ok Ok
so ill finally make another post that tells details about whats goin on since my others are just random things that really are there for time fillers.

so yes, things are mad tru, mad tru indeed. so a few weeks ago i made the baseball team, so 3 to 5 has been devoted to that. got my car yesterday, 1999 jeep cherokee 4.0 litre(yes, litre) and hot diggity things are great, i feel like riverdancing. spring break begins this coming week, snap dawg its gonna be sick, i cant wait. my shoes were all muddy a few days ago and i put them in the wash and they look brand spankin new!, almost orgasmic you could say. so i went to florida for a band comp, which was so awesome. i actually got tan! so ya, we went to sea world, islands of adventure and universal. its so funny to think i was walking around with all of you guys about this time last year, chillin and what not. when i went to the hulk i saw the catch net that dillan lost his 1 day old 200 dollar pair of glasses in when we were in 8th grade. so ya, ive made a ton of great friends, jazz is going amazingly well, and everything is just awesome. I MISS YOU GUYS!

Peace Season,
The Artist Formally Known as Wilson

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